Virtual Support

There are many administrative and day-to-day tasks that need to be completed in order for a company to be successful. If a manager is the one completing these tasks it reduces their productivity and hinders growth. A solution to this problem is through the use of virtual support services that we provide. UIZ offers several different virtual support services such as:

Phone Support

Answering the phone can be a time consuming and stressful process. Our virtual support team can help alleviate you of this task, leaving you time to focus on the growth of your organization.

e-Mail Support

As a business grows, a company will start to receive more e-mails. Dealing with all of these e-mails is necessary, but doing so is time consuming and can take away the energy need from many other important tasks. The UIZ virtual support system offers excellent e-mail support.

Reactive Chat Support

Online chat systems are an easy, quick and effective way to help a customer with their problems. Our reactive chat support system provides you with the ability to get instant feedback or assistance for whatever you may need from our dedicated employees behind our virtual support system.

Proactive Chat Support

For the convenience of the customer, we provide them with easy to access chat windows for any problems they may have. Our virtual support staff monitor these chat windows 24/7 for the customer’s convenience.

Technical Support

Whenever you may be experiencing problems with a product or service we offer, our virtual support staff will be available for you 24/7. Additionally, we can provide this service for your customers as well, giving you time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Customer Service Support

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for any business. However, ensuring that your customers are satisfied can be very time consuming and stressful. UIZ virtual support services can relieve you of the time and stress that goes with customer service.

Social Media Support

As technology has advanced, the use of social media has increased. Naturally with this trend, social media marketing has increased as well. Our virtual support staff can help you monitor your social media accounts while keeping them up-to-date.

Website Support

Website development is one of the several other services that UIZ offers. Our virtual support team can help you with the time consuming headache that is website development.

Training Support

Different organizations have different training systems in place while others do not have any in place at all. Our virtual support team can help you develop and run a training system for your organization.

Research Support

Gathering useful information is a time consuming and stressful process. Our virtual support team can help relieve you of the of some of the work involved with researching so you can focus on more important duties.

Database Support

Collecting, storing and managing data into databases can be a painstaking and time consuming process. Our virtual support team can help you deal with your databases so you can focus on the important aspects of your company.

Scheduling Support

Creating and managing a schedule is a very important aspect of running an organization. Often a manager cannot afford to spend time managing their own schedule. Our virtual support staff can help assist you with the management of your schedule.

Consulting Support

For some situations it is beneficial for a company to get the opinion of someone outside of the company in order to make a proper business decision. UIZ virtual support services is available 24/7 for your consulting needs.

IT Support

It is quite common for things to go wrong with computer systems in the workplace. IT support is a necessity for companies today and our virtual support staff are there to help.

Social Support

Having a fruitful social life when working full time can be very hard. However, in order to be able to be productive, you must also be able to enjoy time off. Our virtual support staff can help plan activities for you and your family/friends to help alleviate the stress involved with working for an organization.

Complaint Support

In order to run a successful business you must be able to address the negative aspects of your operations. The easiest way to pinpoint these issues is by listening to customers complaints. Our virtual support team can help manage your complaint department and find solutions to your problems.

Ordering Support

Ordering is a painstaking and time consuming process. Our virtual support team can help assist you in keeping your inventory at a manageable capacity.

Sales Support

Selling products or services is a time consuming process. It is also an unpredictable process as you do not know the exact times that a customer may want to purchase your product. UIZ virtual support services can be there for when your customers need assistance.

Travel Support

Preparing to travel can take up valuable time. Having someone to help you prepare to travel can be very beneficial as it saves a considerable amount of time. Our virtual support staff can help you prepare.

Blog Support

Blogging can be an effective way to promote your business. However, for a blog to be effective you must keep it up-to-date. Doing this can be time consuming so having someone there to remind you of it and to help you find content is valuable. Our virtual support team can assist you with your blogging needs.

Is there a way your company needs support that is not listed above? Please contact us and we can find a way to assist you.

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