Virtual Assistant Services Offered By UIZ

Virtual assistants can be very helpful for business. They have the ability to act as a secretary (handling office works) or as a receptionist (receiving calls and answering questions). Our employees at UIZ are completely service oriented which helps our virtual assistants be so successful at what they do. Our virtual employees are also very versitile and are able to help you in all aspects of your life be it personal or business related. To ensure that they can fufill these duties, they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This helps relieve stress caused by running day-to-day operations and enables you to focus on other areas of your company that require attention. The virtual employees at UIZ also have the ability to help you accomplish marketing tasks which helps your company achieve growth. The virtual assistants at UIZ can help you accomplish several (not limited to) administrative and marketing tasks such as:

Virtual Assistant Services
Online Advertisement Creation
Advertising is a key component to marketing for any organization to grow their business. As the internet has become more popular it too has become a key component to growing your business. UIZ can provide a virtual assistant to aid you in the creation of online advertisements.
General bookkeeping can be quite mundane and time consuming. However, bookkeeping is necessary for any business. A UIZ virtual assistant can help remove the burden of this painstaking work.
Social Media Assistance
There are several benefits for a company that uses social media. The use of social media for organizations has become a necessity and needs to be included in any marketing plan if that organization would like to see growth. However, scheduling times to make social media updates is time consuming and the structures of the different social media platforms can get confusing. Our virtual assistants at UIZ are experienced at the use of social media and can help alleviate the stress that goes along with running several accounts.
Data Entry
Data entry is incredibly time consuming and if you are not careful, mistakes can easily be made. If a manager has to complete tasks such as this they will never have time to expand their business. Our virtual assistants at UIZ can help you record accurate data, giving you the time to grow your business.
Customer Relationship Management
Keeping an upstanding relationship with customers is a top priority for any business. Customer relationship management can help companies manage and analyse interactions with their customers. A UIZ virtual assistant can provide customer relationship management to help aid your company in this process.
Database Management
Storing and maintaining gathered information onto computers is a very time consuming process. Similar to data entry, it can be easy to make mistakes in the process. A UIZ virtual assistant can help you store and maintain this information leaving you time to worry about the success of your business.
Event Coordination
Event coordination is made up of several processes such as scheduling, site selection, budgeting, transportation coordination, security, entertainment, catering, etc. Hosting events can be a great way to promote your business, but they can be a headache to set up. UIZ virtual assistants can help you plan your events, ensuring that they run smoothly and without hassle.
e-Mail Management
The more an organization grows, the more e-mails they will receive. This can get to be overwhelming for one person to handle. UIZ virtual assistants can provide e-mail management services to help you save time.
Travel Arrangement Management Services
Many organizations have to travel to other cities for business functions. The planning and preparation surrounding travelling can be stressful and time consuming. A UIZ virtual assistant can help you plan trips while saving you money.
Overhead Management
Running a business involves several expenditures such as rent, accounting, taxes, bills, advertising, etc. Keeping track of these expenses can cost a lot of time and prevent you from expanding your business. UIZ can help you manage your overhead, making it easier to grow your business.
BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Services
Our virtual assistants at UIZ work in conjunction with our BPO services team to help you manage different business services such as payroll, human resources, cold calling, etc
Industry Solutions
A company is able to run efficiently when it considers all levels of their organization in their business decisions. When a company is able to run efficiently, it is easier for them to become more profitable. Our virtual assistants at UIZ can help keep your business organized and run efficiently.
Minute Taking
Because managers need to keep track of their meetings for later reference, minute taking is a necessary task. It is not possible for a manager to do this while they are taking part in the meeting. A UIZ virtual assistant can help you gather this necessary information without the hassle that is involved.
Online Research
The internet is full of valuable information and resources. However, there is a lot of information on the web and finding the most accurate and relative information can be difficult and time consuming. A UIZ virtual assistant can aid you in gathering this information off the internet.
Note Typing
Gathering information is important, but in order to be able to effectively use it it must be gathered in a concise manner. To gather the information while focusing on the important points is very time consuming. A UIZ virtual assistant can help you gather this information in a concise and manageable manner.
Webinar/Podcast Management
Technological advancement has presented us with the opportunity to communicate with one another through the use of webinars and podcasts. This has been proven to be a time saving measure, but they can still be a hassle to coordinate which can take up time. Our virtual assistants at UIZ can assist you in this process.
In some circumstances it is necessary for business meetings to be transcribed. This is a next to impossible task for a manager to complete. A virtual assistant from UIZ can help fulfill this need.
Market Research
Doing market research can sometimes prove to be a daunting task that can lead a manager to become overwhelmed. It is important to a company’s success however, so it must be treated as a priority. A UIZ virtual assistant can help alleviate some of the time and stress involved with the market research process.
Template Creation and Management
Templates can serve as a major time saving measure for day-to-day operations. Using a virtual assistant from UIZ can help you save time creating and managing templates.
Calendar Management
When working for an organization it can become difficult to manage personal and business events. Sometimes this may lead to confusion, causing you to miss appointments which is bad for business. A UIZ virtual assistant can help you keep organized and save you from the stress involved in calendar management.

Is there a service that your business may require that is not listed on our page? Please contact us and we can find a way to help you meet your needs.