13 January 2017


 January 13, 2017

Have you ever imagined a trusted go-to person for your every need?

What a virtual assistant really can do for startup companies? And why to hire virtual assistant for startup companies?

Virtual Assistant available for your company.

Virtual assistant offers an obvious benefit for many startup companies. They are a big-time saver during a phase in a company’s growth where it may not be able to have a full-time employee. Virtual assistant can help a startup company for thing like bookkeeping, social media, design, web, development, email management, marketing administration and so much more.

Virtual assistant is like a telecommuting employee. You still need to understand and provide direction on exactly what kinds of tasks you need to ensure that you hire the right person for your company. You are also expected to provide some level of training, whether you start with small tasks and then build up responsibility or provide more direction at the beginning and allow them to feel comfortable before you take a step back. You are better off to focus on the long term and build trust over time.

If you want to get your productivity back you must hire a virtual assistant for your startup company. Knowing and understanding how to scale your business effectively is the key to your productivity and your business success. So, it’s probably time to hire a virtual assistant.

UIZ gives you the virtual assistant for your startup company who will take care of your to-do list. So, you will have no stress about unfinished tasks or worrying about your to­-do list and then you will have more time to do what you love, profit on your bottom line and focus on growing your business. In substance, we can be your executive assistant handling business or personal tasks such as:

  1. Help with your to-do list
  2. Manage your schedule
  3. Handle incoming client contact
  4. Data entry
  5. Check and respond to emails


We love writing from blogs to content for your site. Also, thing like:

  1. Craft a quality blog post
  2. Create content for your web site
  3. Design a marketing mail
  4. Write articles & guides
  5. Proof your website


We can help you from writing tweets to updating your Word Press website, also:

  1. Manage your advertising
  2. Increase your followers
  3. Review your website
  4. Create marketing and sales material
  5. Make your site SEO friendly


Good research needs, a bit of planning and lot of time, so leave it to us to:

  1. Research your competitors
  2. Find a product or service
  3. Track down people you can contact
  4. Research potential customers
  5. Locate contact information


Our assistant can help you sell more too thinks like:

  1. Make calls to your leads
  2. Research leads and prospects
  3. Update lead and prospect records
  4. Prepare contacts and proposals
  5. Deal with sales administration


Our virtual assistant is a professional worker who take care over the tasks you wish to delegate and complete them in its entirety, while being remotely located. You don’t have to manage them like the way you would do so with in-office employees. You don´t have to invest much when it comes to hiring a virtual assistant from UIZ, UK.

Reasons to hire a virtual assistant for your startup company

Consulting concept for your startup company

1. Improved Business Productivity

Business tasks like client follow-up, content creation, email management companies can delegate such tasks to virtual assistant. This enables the company to delegate non-recurrent tasks to their in-office employees. Having virtual assistant’s take care your redundant tasks keep this moving forward for you on a personal level as well. This leads to increased productivity.

2. Focus on core operations

Managing emails or doing extensive market research, give less time to focus on core business operations. Hiring a virtual assistant make sure that you stay focused on important tasks. A focused approach towards these operations  help you to achieve your business goals.

3. Decreased Operational Costs

Startup companies all over the world benefit much from hiring virtual assistant. Many businesses struggle to cope up with their expenses. So, hiring a virtual assistant during the first stages of the business helps to cut down on operational expenditure.

4. Access to World-Class talent

When your company are in need, certain tasks can be outsourced to virtual assistants. These professionals are proficient in multiple areas and make sure that these tasks get completed with the stipulated time frame. Virtual assistants aren’t restricted by geography. This allows business an access to world class talent.

5. Makes life less stressful

Entrepreneurs or business owners have much multiple tasks to do but having a virtual assistant support to lessen their workload. So, your life becomes less stressful. After all, virtual assistants are expert in creating itineraries, conducting excellent market research, management of emails and much more.

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