Virtual Administrative Assistant


UIZ Virtual Administrative Assistant


A UIZ virtual administrative assistant can help you accomplish administrative tasks (not limited to) such as:

  1. Bookkeeping
  2. Data Entry
  3. Database Management
  4. Event Coordination
  5. Overhead Management
  6. Online Research


Furthermore, a UIZ virtual administrative assistant can also offer marketing services in order to help your company grow. Our virtual administrative assistants are outsourced meaning that you do not have to deal with the overhead that comes with having an extra employee. For this reason, UIZ is able to offer all of these services and more for an affordable price.

A UIZ virtual administrative assistant is able to perform most of the tasks that other virtual assistants can. The reason being is because our staff is very versatile, so we can adjust to whatever your company needs. The virtual administrative assistants at UIZ are able to be reached easily due to the fact that they are always available and are proficient in several forms of technical communication such as telephone, e-mail, instant messaging, etc. At UIZ we look to provide you and your organization with the best virtual administrative assistant services possible all while being easily accessible.

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Have any questions about how a virtual administrative assistant can help you? Please contact us to help you find out.

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